Davcon Construction, Inc’s mission is to become a recognized leader of land development, from inception to completion within the building industry.  We are on our way to achieving this by continually exceeding the customers’ expectations.  This happens every day.  Davcon knows the importance of team performance with design assist and construction of commercial projects.  Our approach is to always concern ourselves with recognition and deep appreciation, satisfying our customers and upholding the highest business philosophy and integrity that is good for our investors and our consultant team. 


Davcon is committed to serve our investors as hands-on as a “partner” never taking our eyes and focus off of our investors goals, taking ownership as a team member.  Our goal is to develop a relationship with our projects and investors that would be the model of “Team Partnership”.


Our operation and management structure is state of the art. It demands cost tracking and detailed scheduling be provided to the investors on a weekly basis, all-resulting in a strong reputation for doing the job done right, within schedule and budget. We set the standard high so that our investors can count on us to deliver a project in a timely manner for the commercial projects they are developing and building.  We believe that through our efforts of our commitment, quality, and integrity we have enhanced the experience of the people we have encountered.